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We are a non-profit organization that provides supportive services to all military personnel and their families, whether they served our country in the past or are currently serving. Visions Outreach reaches into the lives of these veterans and helps to find treatment and health related resources that will restore them to a place where they can regain their health, as well as their emotional and spiritual well-being. Many services that are designated for our veterans are difficult to attain, but our staff and volunteers have worked hard to assist with connecting veterans to the resource information, referrals, and programs that prove so beneficial.

Our goal is to be the premier veteran support organization in Atlanta in 2020-2021, and at the same time to expand our services throughout the Southeastern United States. Our vision is nationwide, offering services and resources to veterans one city and one state at a time.

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Visions Outreach


We strive to build a model consisting of a holistic, wellness-promoting programs that will provide recovery, housing, jobs, and education for all military personnel past and present, as well as their families.


We feel that the models and templates we have created can be duplicated nationwide a collaboration with other city state and federal entities, therefore serving more veterans and their families.


We aim to partner with nationally recognized organization and agencies in a unified effort in bringing about self-sufficiency and sustainability for all military personnel both past and present, and their families.

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We assist these faithful U.S. service personnel by providing an array of services and resources that are aimed at sustaining, supporting, and restoring veterans as they live their civilian lives. A high percentage of veterans return home showing signs of combat stress, misuse of alcohol, tobacco and/or drugs — all of which create numerous challenges for our veterans, their families, and communities.

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