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Support Programs for Veterans

The "Value of the Veteran" program is a national-based recognition campaign initiated by Visions Outreach for the purpose of reviving pride and honor by reaffirming the presence, contribution, and value of our unsung veterans who have served our country by way of presenting special activities, programming, and recruitment efforts. This program is designed to recognize honorable service and enhance the awareness of the diversified benefits offered through market place and veteran service resources.

The "Value of the Veteran" program is a military veteran recognition campaign of Georgia Vet-Fest, Inc. This campaign features an honor ceremony which is presented from a collaborative effort and strategic partnership between Georgia Vet-Fest, Georgia Department of Veterans Affairs, Georgia Governor’s Office and registered Georgia based Veteran Service Organizations to ensure the proper recognition of all Georgia-based Vietnam Veterans who served our country between June 1, 1954-May 1, 1975.