Support Our Veterans



Vision Outreach Inc. was founded by Leonard Morgan, a veteran with more than 30 years of experience in the logistics field. Mr. Morgan's vision was to assist disenfranchised veterans and homeless veterans and their families with housing, counseling, peer support, advocacy, transportation, and mental health issues that they deal with on a day to day basis. These veterans have fought in Afghanistan, Iraq, and other places to protect our country and they deserve to be treated with respect, honesty, empathy, integrity, and pride. Vision Outreach Inc. is a center for veterans to accomplish goals while at the same time receiving services and support for their active duty contribution to the United States Armed Forces.

"As the CEO of Visions Outreach, and as a veteran, my heart is always directed at providing for the basic needs of those who have given of themselves in ways that most do not truly understand. Thus, by giving back to these men and women who have fought for our freedom, you become an active participant in restoring those military veterans and their families who seek little more than becoming self-sufficient citizens of their communities." - Leonard Morgan